A few months ago Carter Wilkerson tweeted out to Wendy’s “Yo @Wendys many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets”.

Wendy’s responded back 18 Million and the craziness kicked off. Carter didn’t quite reach the 18 Million mark but did sure Ellen’s infamous selfie tweet that became the most retweeted tweet in history, sending a clear message to Wendy’s that people supported this man getting free nuggs.

This got me to thinking, With President Trump Firing FBI Director Comey this could possibly open up an opportunity for us to finally see Hillary Clinton locked up.
So in the spirit of #NuggsForCarter I tweeted this out to the FBI last night

Click on this Tweet below and lets make it the number 1 tweet EVER.

AS you can see we need to get more retweets than Carter and ellen. We need to send a clear message to DC that no politician is too big for the Law. Hillary clinton her self said that. Let’s retweet this so much and ask others to that it becomes the most retweeted tweet ever.
This will send a chill to Hillary and het husband that the masses want to see them locked up for the crimes they’ve committed over the course of their filthy career.

Now I know you Facebook users hate twitter. But this is for a good cause and we want DC and the elite to know that we are sick of this shit. So Facebook users. go create a twitter. find me on there Rambobiggs and then retweet this

Make sure you put #HillaryForPrison on it as well!