A group called “Oregon Students Empowered,” held a rally in Chapman square that was anti-police.  Antifa of course showed up, as they always do, and things started to get out of hand.  The anarcho communist group Antifa were attempting to do what they always do, which is attack innocent people who don’t hold the same opinion as them, and then call them ‘Nazis.’  This attempt to ‘bash the fash,’ though didnt turn out how they planned.

A conservative militia defense group with prominent members like Joey gibson and ‘Tiny’ Toese showed and put the fear of God in the hearts of these neo-Marxists.  One of them attempted to rush and put hands on ‘Tiny,’ who is all but small, and things didn’t go so well for the Antifa member.  Maybe next time he’ll think twice, and keep his hands to himself.




  • Philip Warden

    only one way this is going to END !!!!!!!!!! KILL THESE COMMIE SCUM RECTUM LOVING LIBTARDS !!!!! KILL THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cl4tgp

    Do the antifa fools have any women that aren’t as ugly as sin ? It’s kind of an amusing group really, the ‘men’ are built and act like little girls and the ‘women’ are built like linebackers and act more manly than their male counter parts.

    Looking forward to the day when the asshats finally decide to jump off and get things rolling. Those red bandannas will make lovely targets.

  • Michelle Lariviere

    All I saw was a toothless wonder, and a few beasts. I didn’t see any women.

  • Cecile Charles

    Did the little whiner call the police? The antifa touched them first. The hitter defended himself. That he was strong…well, they should not have touched him.