A few days ago, curious documents were revealed online, apparently showing assets belonging to Macron held in the Cayman Islands.

The subsequent result of these allegations have caused French police to seek the person on 4Chan who published them and a promise by Macron to ‘stop fake news’ and to ‘regulate the internet.’

Source: Heatst

Police with France’s Ministry of the Interior are now attempting to track down the 4chan user who originally published the documents. On Thursday, a French police officer reached out to the owner of the site on which the document files were hosted, mixtape.moe, over email and asked for data logs and information that could lead to the offender. The fake documents are hosted here and here.

Mixtape.moe is more commonly used as a hosting site for soccer .gifs and video game-inspired pornography, but apparently this time it was used to nefariously try to undermine the results of the French election.

In the email to mixtape.moe’s owner Drybones, French police officer Claire Allegre said she was in charge of a case based out of a high court in Paris for “forgery, use of a forged document and diffusion of fake news which can disturb an election.”

Drybones responded to the email and said mixtape.moe does not save data logs from anonymous uploads. Drybones told Heat Street this is the first time police of any country have ever asked him to turn over records.

Here’s Macron’s statement:

“I want to stop fake news,” Macron said Thursday. “It pollutes, it degrades the political debate.” He added that politicians “must together raise the level of the political debate” and “regulate the Internet because today certain players are activists and have a very important role in the campaign.”

As far as I can tell, this purported ‘war against fake news’ is nothing more than a scheme to control the narrative and give government controlled main stream media an unfair advantage in the dissemination of news. Of course some of the stuff published is fake and/or unreliable. But unreliable information has been getting published for hundreds of years by the main stream sources — sensationalists and propagandists who work towards the goal of cajoling its readers into believing whatever talking points their masters demand.

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  • Outlaw

    French bitch boy.

  • K Morgan

    Just a power grab to control the information that flows. If it is fake, simply tell your enemies to prove its real…put the burden of proof on them. the minute you try to control the media and the information you just prove that you are a facist sack of shit.