I could watch this video a million times. Click video link below:

The lying leftist media are again freaking out over something minor after their lying Russia “collusion” narrative has totally failed to turn the American population against their President. This time, however, it is over a video which President Trump re-Tweeted showing him in a parody body-slamming a person whose face has been superimposed with a CNN logo giving the appearance of President Trump taking down CNN. The truth of the matter is that CNN body-slammed itself with its dishonest reporting and brainwashing attempts.

I am an experienced war-time correspondent who served in the U.S. Army as a print/photo Journalist. Military journalism is exactly like civilian journalism, and our training is a crash-course over a 16-week period of time. During our training, we are taught to NEVER destroy our credibility, just as ANY journalist is trained to NOT do in the very beginning of their journalism education. If you knowingly lie to your audience, then your audience will naturally not trust you in the future. This was an unwritten law in the journalism field…until President Trump was elected.

CNN has brought this backlash against themselves, and they have single-handedly destroyed their own credibility with the American people. As a news organization, it is your responsibility to your audience to report on the facts of what happened in a situation, or the facts when it comes to governmental activities throughout the world. The moment you begin to make up stories for the benefit of your political narrative, then you have turned away from actual journalism and turned over to fictional propaganda. Networks like CNN (MSNBC, ABC, CBS), are guilty of misleading the American public with made-up stories and narratives…and they deserve whatever backlash they might receive.

Look at James Hodgkinson, the Republican baseball practice shooter, as an example. This leftist terrorist was soaking up the lies of MSNBC and CNN so hard, that he actively sought out to kill Republicans. He referred to President Trump as a “traitor” based on what he was hearing on these corporate media outlets, and he chose to attempt to murder people in the same political party as President Trump because of what he was hearing.

Now the mainstream media and leftist operatives have the nerve to call Trump’s Tweets against them a danger to Journalism and Journalists? These people are delusional to an extremely dangerous degree, and their dangerous rhetoric has literally led to terrorist attacks against this country…yet Trump is the dangerous one? Well, the good news here is that the American people are not falling for it. Those of us whom have not been brainwashed already by these lying leftist media organizations that is. If anything, these media organizations should be apologizing to not only President Trump, but the entire American population for their treasonous and seditious acts over the past couple of years.

President Trump is getting the last laugh in this situation, and the corporate media outlets are being shown to be the propaganda outlets that they are in reality. I would argue, however, that it is NOT President Donald Trump who body-slammed them into their current discredited state, it was themselves.