Most Americans have suspected that CNN, otherwise known as the “Clinton News Network,” has been deeply involved in the massive lie of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, but now it is official and they have been caught red-handed. James O’Keefe, an investigative journalist who runs a media operation known as “Project Veritas,” where he and his employees go undercover to catch people in the act of nefarious activities, has caught a CNN producer openly admitting that CNN is involved in a witch-hunt.

John Bonifield, a Supervising Producer at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, was caught on camera admitting that there is no proof of Trump-Russia collusion and they push this fake news story in order to gain ratings. Bonifield goes on to admit that the corporate news (he refers to it as cable news) is “just a business,” and he talks about the importance of getting ratings. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that CNN absolutely IS fake news, and President Donald Trump has been accurate and correct in assessing them as such.

What this means to you, the American people, is that a major corporate broadcasting company is involved in the direct smearing of President Trump in order to gain ratings. They aren’t trying to get the truth out, nor are they trying to inform the American people, rather they are misleading the public on purpose in order to gain ratings.

This comes right after CNN had to retract an article and delete it entirely for being caught in a lying article about Trump-Russia collusion. The CEO of CNN has gotten involved in that situation; however Bonifield can be heard saying that CNN CEO, Jeff Zucker, ordering his employees to continue the Russia collusion lies. The entire organization, from the top-down, is involved in a massive deception campaign targeting perhaps one of the best Presidents that this country will ever have.  President Donald Trump is at least TRYING to make America great again, however he is being obstructed by these radical leftists and their propaganda media outlets at every turn. CNN is actually guilty of treason, as they are aiding the enemies of this country, aka the radical left, by pushing their fake narratives and lies onto the American people.

It seems as though the entire leftist plan of overthrowing President Donald Trump is coming apart on these leftists, and it is quite entertaining to watch. John Podesta and Loretta Lynch have both been called to testify in front of Senate committees, Bernie Sanders is under F.B.I. investigation for bank fraud, the DNC is undergoing a civil-case against them for fraud, a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server has started, and now even Barrack Hussein himself may be called to testify before congress. They tried to pin their own dealings onto Trump hoping it would stick, and thankfully, the American people are smarter than that.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many others are products of the radical left’s propaganda machine and they are colluding with the Democrats to overthrow a democratically elected President. This is a massive seditious conspiracy, and someone needs to pay for the traitorous actions taking place every day throughout our country. The American people did not ask for this, and they don’t deserve to have to deal with it either…something needs to be done. Our public has largely been misled by leftist propaganda, and this has resulted in actual shots being fired at Republican congressmen and it has also resulted in fake riots in our streets using Russia collusion as their justification. It has gotten to be absolutely ridiculous, and it is time for the game to be up for these traitors before more innocent people are killed.

Watch the proof that the left is colluding to overthrow President Trump here:

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    More & more CNN employees “beheaded” to the unemployment office with Griffin.