The release of these undercover videos by James O’Keefe and the patriots at Project Veritas was a victory for America, however CNN is playing it off like it is no big deal. CNN released a statement on the day that the initial Project Veritas video was release showing Producer John Bonifield explaining that the Russia narrative is in fact a witch-hunt, which shows that CNN thinks the American public is stupid.  According to CNN, “diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong,” and they went on to say that they “welcome and encourage” diversity of opinion.

The problem with this response is that CNN definitely does NOT accept other points of view, and that can be seen in a Harvard study detailing how 93% of coverage on CNN is anti-Trump. Then, the very next day Project Veritas dropped ANOTHER bombshell undercover report showing anchor Van Jones saying that the Russia narrative is “a big nothing-burger.” This second video proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the employees at CNN know for a fact that there is nothing to the Russia narrative lie, yet they push this narrative on the American public as if it is going out of style next week…and hopefully it is going out of style.

Now today, a new Project Veritas video shows CNN CEO Jeff Zucker intentionally avoiding having to answer questions by James O’Keefe as he exited a building. That video can be seen here:

CNN can pretend as if they are not doing anything wrong, but we have all seen the outcome from these propagandist actions. James Hodgkinson was entirely brainwashed by these lying leftist media narratives, and it resulted in Republican Congressman being gunned down as they practiced on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, for an upcoming Congressional baseball game. Hodgkinson was calling President Trump a “traitor” based on the Russia lie, and that caused him to feel justified in opening fire on Republican Congressman.

The lies have to stop and that is all that there is to it. CNN is a joke, and so are all of these radical leftist publications and broadcasting stations. They are not even trying to report the news anymore; rather their only goal is to overthrow a democratically elected President. They are openly subverting the will of the American people and openly committing sedition against this Presidential administration. CNN had better be called-to-task for their actions and not allowed to get away with all of this without penalty. They have got millions of minion followers who swallow the lies hook, line and sinker…and it is disgusting that they are even allowed to continue to operate.

If you think back some years, the American public has always known that FoxNews was biased towards Conservatives while CNN was biased towards Liberals. Everything was going fine for a long time, and it was appreciated throughout the population to have 2 different aspects to examine a situation from. Then came the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act by the Obama administration in 2012-2013. The Smith-Mundt basically prohibited propaganda being used on the American public, however Barrack Hussein repealed this longstanding act and the ramifications have been brutal on the American population. You can actually see a clear difference in the “news” coverage starting in 2013 following the Smith-Mundt Act’s repeal. Barrack Hussein legalized propaganda, and people are carrying out acts of violence from the information they are being provided from these leftist propaganda outlets.

The good news in all of this is that the entire lying leftist propaganda machine and what little credibility they had is being absolutely destroyed by the truth at the moment, and hopefully it is only a matter of time before there are major changes. CNN should have their press credentials revoked from anyone who has issued them, but it appears like they are going to play this off like it is no big deal. Regardless, the American public deserved to know about their level of fakeness, and the American people will have to choose whether they want to watch the fakeness or not. We shall see what happens next…


  • Steve

    Trump 6-0 vs libs and MSM. The MSM is still pissed that they had their asses handed to them on election night, when their polls & predictions were so wrong. They’ve been vengeful ever since.