The Susan Rice fiasco got erased from the news very fast with the MOAB and North Korea. For those of you who forgot, it involves the usage of NSA collected metadata for calls from or involving non-US citizens.

For those not in the know, one of the National Security Advisors to Barack Obama, Susan Rice, targeted the Trump election campaign for information relevant to outside foreign officials interacting with the team.

There’s three things happening here.

First of all, this is the NSA, which ostensibly used this information only to stop terrorist attacks, now using the information to just inform government officials who was talking with the outside world.

The role of ‘stopping terrorism’ fell off the script in February when Michael Flynn(who was greenlit and approved by the Obama Administration in 2015) had to resign as a result of leaked information on his conversation with foreign officials.

Since Rice has routinely stated she only wants to look into Russian Election interference, it would seem wise for her to agree to an open press accessibly public hearing before the Senate, which she has been invited to do by the Democrats.

Instead, she has declined. There’s two reasons for this. Either she has nothing, and the whole Russian Election thing is a sham, or she is concerned she will let slip information that is damaging to the narrative. Like taking the 5th Amendment, refusing to testify doesn’t necessarily mean anything up or down, but it does seem a little spoiled to leak information when it suits you, and then request a hearing only on the condition of it being classified.


Since Snowden dropped the fact bomb of the year, which is that the NSA has data on literally everything you do and keeps track of every phone call and the metadata on it despite never being really explicitly granted the right to violate the 4th amendment by any elected officials to date.

This is where it is good to go back and look at the original justification of the whole project.

Basically at this point it looks like the NSA has turned into the TSA of your computer screen, another great plan for the Government to keep you safe inevitably ruined by the imperfect nature of man and turned into a nice cheap way to catch up on old friends and sorta keep your friends from losing the next election by too much to be embarrassing.

The question is, now that the North Korea, ISIS and French Election cards have been played, what’s going to keep Susan Rice out of the news now?

Just remember, with regards to the now forgotten Susan Rice, it’s not the unmasking that is illegal, it’s the using that information for political purposes and leaking it to the press that is.



  • Steve

    Consideration for her testimony, maybe. Immunity, never. Hang her if she refuses.