I hate to be the one to tell you this folks, but electing Donald Trump was not enough to save this country from the liberal progressive hell-hole it has become. With many discerning stories in the news, it is becoming easier to feel defeated or discouraged about the current political situation in America, however, we the people need to keep pushing the truth exactly as we had been during the 2016 election and are doing to this day. Together, we are getting closer and closer to unmasking the criminal politicians who have been driving our country into the ground for the past decade or so. Now is not the time for feeling discouraged, now is the time to stand up and keep making your voices heard.

Let’s examine some positive stories for those of us who haven’t drank the liberal progressive kool-aid…

Seth Rich: While some might look at this as a negative story, the fact that so many Americans are jumping up and down about this topic is extremely encouraging. While the facts of this case are not exactly clear, there are many aspects to the Seth Rich murder which could potentially add-up to Democrats being incarcerated for this crime. Newt Gingrich is tooting the Seth Rich horn now, and he did so on live mainstream television. While the Chicago Sun Times and The Washington Post are touting the Seth Rich as conspiracy nonsense, there are many questions they themselves are not even taking the opportunity to ask. Again, while on the surface this appears to be a bad thing, it actually only makes the suspicion in this grow even further. These leftist media outlets are outing themselves to be the colluding criminals that they are.

Obama spied on Americans: A story came out yesterday about the NSA under the Obama administration violated many American’s 4th Amendment rights, and violated laws. Again, this too seems like it would be a bad story, however in this twisted America we are all in it actually works to our benefit. For this information to become public knowledge is a step in the right direction. That being said, it is on us, the American people, to hold future administrations accountable as well as hold Obama accountable for actions similar to these.

DNC Lawsuit: A class-action law suit has been filed against the DNC for their rigging of the Democratic Primary in 2016. Every voter, regardless of their affiliated party, saw that Bernie Sanders was capturing the Democrat vote in a majority. Then…seemingly out of no where…Hillary Clinton was chosen as the Democratic nominee. Those people who donated to the Democratic Party are pissed off, and they want their money back. This is case is actually going forward in the court system.

Trump – Russia: Trust me, this is not a story that Americans are finding very positive or looking at as a good thing. While on one hand, this newly formed special counsel could end up being a scandal in itself, with fake news and lies being used as actual evidence. However, I would argue that this COULD end up being a great thing for the American people if the investigation goes the way which most of us think it will. As of yet, there is nothing to the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Not one single shred of evidence has been proposed which directly tied the Trump campaign to collusion with the Russian government. If you watch the mainstream news, you would definitely believe otherwise, however this is another example of the media discrediting itself and outing themselves as accomplices in crimes. What crimes you ask? Well, to falsely accuse the President of wild accusations like these with the intent of removing him from office, is almost textbook definition of sedition. In 18 US Code Chapter 115, sedition is worded to cover precisely what is going on with this Trump-Russia lie, and it is called a seditious conspiracy.


Folks, while it seems like the world against us, in fact it is not. You are making a difference with your research and your sharing of the truth, whether you choose to acknowledge this or not. The Seth Rich case would have been never gotten as far as it has today without all of you talking about it and spreading the word. Trump would have never been elected in the first place without all of your support and your votes. Never…EVER…forget that it is WE THE PEOPLE who are in charge of this country. These criminals in these positions of power like to act as though they have the power, but in reality, if we all band together and relentlessly attack the issues at-hand then they are forced to deal with it.

This is the fight of the modern American age, and you are all involved. The future of this country depends on you, the American people who love this country and its rich history. While the left attempts to destroy everything our ancestors fought and died to provide us, they are only discrediting themselves and outing themselves as traitors to this nation. Put your game-faces on and get to sharing articles and videos which speak the truth, because without you…there is no resistance to tyranny.