Instant Double Karma

Have you ever imagined what you would do if crazy violent radical leftists were blocking your roadway?  Have you ever cheered as you watched a video of someone mowing down vapid brainwashed liberals after they attempt to ridiculously block the road with zero reasoning?

Well today is the day that you can have your cake and eat it too.  A man was making a turn, attempting to avoid hitting protesters while 2 of the leftists thugs ran in front of his car.  He immediately tapped the breaks to avoid a collision, however his intervention of fate was futile.  The white SUV tapped a couple of the protesters knocking them to the ground. In the video, you can hear a man shouting for the driver of the vehicle to stay where he was, claiming he was in ‘big trouble’ as the police arrived on the scene.

What did the police do?  Well they arrested the protesters who were blocking the street.  Later in the video you can hear the man ask why aren’t they arresting the driver.  The policemen’s response?  “It was a traffic accident, they were clocking the roadway.”



  • Greg Miller

    Finally police are doing the right thing.

    • Chuck

      Blame those in charge, not the actual officers. They want to do the right thing, but are often prevented to do what you and I know is the right thing.

      • Greg Miller

        I blame them all, following unlawful orders is also wrong.

        • Chuck

          You blame them all because they followed an unlawful order, please do tell. Is there a “you shall” statue in that state for that particular set of chapters and sections? Because if there isn’t one, then they followed a lawful order. A disgusting, but lawful order. I used to wonder why so many refuse to educate themselves before saying anything in the internet, but I free to learn that many prone just aren’t equiped to think beyond their petty prejudices before uttering nonsense

          • Greg Miller

            Serve and protect does not mean stand there and watch people get hurt because your boss said do it.

  • Robert Chambers

    Like to find out who the asshole is that is yelling what the fuck because I would like to beat the shit out of him

    • wayne

      So would I!! A seriously annoying Liberal sweetpea!!

    • joe m

      sounds like the snoball got arrested. probably for inciting

  • Gil Zendejas

    love it

  • Gina Diane Garcia


  • jilly

    It’s amazing that the protestors want to stand up for whatever but the hide themselves behind bandanas so no one sees their faces. They get what they deserve.

    • Bob White

      In some cities, it’s against the law to wear a mask, even if you’re just walking down the street. This should be a federal law.

  • Txtraveler

    Awesome…finally the actions of these idiots are bringing consequences on THEMSELVES. Their delusions of being victims need to be beaten out of them by truly making them victims of their own behaviors.

  • wayne

    That wasn’t run over! Try to block me and you will find out what run over is!!!

  • Charles Pearson II

    Word of advice.
    I’m class A driver..
    Advice, DO NOT GET IN MY PATH!?!

  • Spidey

    You have the right to protest but if you’re in the middle of the road, you’re preventing other people to have their right to go somewhere they wanted to like maybe go home after a whole day of work.

  • Christian Jesperson

    Entitled little pricks.

  • Common Sense

    Listen to all those little punks running their mouths! wouldn’t you just love to see the cops just spray them all with mace! Losers!

  • Lee Onion George

    So glad people not smart enough to stay the hell outa the road are getting arrested for trying to get other arrested.
    Glad the wing nuts are getting what they deserve!

  • joe m

    bout damn time…run em down lock em up. snowflakes best get used to it. hell…be lucky its the cops taking ya’ll down…they got rules…but…its over kiddies, your gonna be demasked, your gonna be cuffed, charged, convicted. Momma said don’t play in the road. now ya know.

  • Shut-up

    “Why aren’t you arresting him?” Liberal logic.

  • Albert Elson

    Hahaha perfect response to these trouble makers blocking the road. I hope other cities take a cue from this police dept. and handle the little traffic blocking protestors the same way. Let them protest behind bars or pick up garbage along the freeway doing community service if they want to do something good for the community.

  • Tuco

    OPEN FIRE!!!