Piper Harron, a professor of  the University of Hawaii, wrote in a school blog post that all white men should either quit their job, or ask for a demotion.  Her extremely racist post is titled ‘Get out of the way.’  And it’s important to note that this professor has a Phd in math from Princeton. Important because, in my experience, people who get degrees in math usually are incapable of obtaining degrees in something that will make real money.

Her full blog post can be found here, but we thought we would highlight the especially racist parts that further prove that the hatred for the white race and teaching for the need of white genocide is alive and well in our schools.

He racist rant post starts:

“Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion. Statistically speaking, you are probably taking up room that should go to someone else. If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power.”


Then she gives her advice for Universities:

“What can universities do? Well, that’s easier. Stop hiring white cis men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing … When the applications come in, remember society makes dominant applicants look better than they are. Society makes marginalized applicants look worse than they are. There is no objectivity. There is no meritocracy.”


Harron then concluded her post with the ‘ask for demotion’ part:

“I know you’re not going to quit your job, but I want you to understand that you should. And to understand that by keeping your job and your other unearned privileges, you are running a continued debt to marginalized people and you should always be seeking ways to pay us back. Not to alarm you, but statistically speaking you are the problem. Your very presence. I can’t tell you what is the best strategy for you to stop blocking my path. I can just ask that you please get out of my way.”


So the next time you hear someone that in the 90’s would be called ‘crazy’ and ‘radical,’ say that “the white race is under attack and we must save our identity,” know that this is pretty much the truth.