Days after Hillary Clinton coughed and sputtered her way through the 2017 Wellesley College commencement address, the failed 2016 Presidential candidate and her $500,000 Moscow speech giving husband Bill sauntered down the street at the Chappaqua Memorial Day parade. Hillary donned a pair of her best seizure preventing Morpheus sunglasses, while Bill looked like quite the dapper rapist in his sporty Nikes.

These are the same glasses Hillary wore on Sept 11th, 2016 – right before seizing up and having to be thrown into a van in a beef-handling manner.

This is not a well woman

Sick Hillary disguised her brain damage protection glasses as sunglasses. (Notice no one else has sunnies on.) pic.twitter.com/SF8cO3u0Rr

Hillary and Bill made their way to some sitting area and conserved energy



Tell me, Hillary voters… How do you think Madam President would be handling the rigors of the Oval Office right now?