Kathy Griffin is only one small example of a massive problem facing the American people right now. There are a million leftist Kathy Griffins out there calling for violence and the overthrow of a democratically elected President. What these leftists do not seem to understand is that America overwhelmingly elected Donald J. Trump to be our President, and We the People are not going to roll-over to their terroristic and seditious antics.

CNN announced this morning that they have cut Kathy Griffin from employment with their network, but this is not something to be celebrated, as there will be another example of leftist sedition in no time at all. These people need to be held accountable for their actions, not simply fired from their jobs and boycotted. What Kathy Griffin did yesterday was not only a disgusting display of the leftist mind-state, it was illegal and should be punished to full extent of the law.

Quite frankly, this entire group of these seditious traitors, also known as Democrats, need to be cracked down on hard if we are to save this constitutional republic. If you follow OBC Media, you have seen my recent articles about Seth Rich. I am sorry to keep beating a dead-horse, but Seth Rich is the key to going after these criminal leftists. I don’t have sponsors or advertisers, nor is anyone telling me not to cover his story, therefore I am going to continue to point this out to our audience.

If you want proof of sedition and subversion, then look no further than this fake Russia narrative that the left is passing around. The story of Seth Rich proves that Russia never hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and was not at all behind the release of DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks. Rather, Seth Rich leaked the e-mails because he wanted to warn the American people of the amount of corruption in the DNC. Julian Assange told the American people back in December that NONE of the leaks he received came from Russia and that it was someone internal to the DNC. Yet, for some strange reason we are hiring special counsels and taxpayers are funding investigations to look into the Russian myth.

I only bring Seth Rich up to illustrate the lengths that the left is willing to go to. Kathy Griffin’s seditious acts yesterday prove that the leftists in America want President Trump either killed or removed from office and they fantasize about it constantly. They are chasing a false narrative with zero evidence to back up their claims of Russian hacking nor Russian collusion, and they are totally ignoring the truth which is staring America in the face.

The DNC murdered one of their staffers after he uncovered voter fraud within his own party, and they are getting away with all of it. They have now become so brazen that they are holding up a severed Donald Trump head covered in blood and laughing about it like it is cute and funny. These leftists are NOT going to stop their sedition until that is really Trump’s head, or they are all charged with their crimes under 18 US Code Chapter 115…one or the other. Kathy Griffin’s display yesterday was what the left is training their minions to desire, and this entire incident was done on purpose and not simply Griffin being a comedian.

America, we are at a crossroads in our history, and the time has come that we all demand action against the seditious conspiracy taking place targeting President Donald Trump. The entire Russian narrative can be crushed with the proper and complete investigation into Seth Rich. These criminals would be forced to stop openly threatening this President if some of them (i.e. Kathy Griffin) were actually charged with crimes for their seditious acts. We MUST stand up and demand these things by both sharing content on social media and holding our elected representatives feet to the fire by contacting their offices. What we can’t do is just let these criminals get away with this behavior…because if they do then we will lose this country totally to a bunch of leftist authoritarians.