Following the shooting at the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, a separate incident occurred to a Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) where she received a threatening e-mail saying “1 down…216 more to go.” These leftists are going off of the deep-end and they are calling for violence against Conservatives and Trump supporters. Ladies and gentlemen, this is very serious situation we are facing in America, and if nothing is done to stop the lying leftist media from spewing their lies, then more innocent people will die.

See the e-mail here:

Leftists are organizing across this great nation and all of their meetings and events call for the overthrow of the democratically elected President, Donald J. Trump. They seemingly have zero regard for the will of the majority of the American people, and they simply want Trump gone and Conservatives removed from power. The propaganda has become so divisive that we have mainstream media “news” outlets calling for the public to resist and rise up against the government. America has many laws on the books which would help to detain the leadership of these leftist movements and jail them for treason, sedition, and subversion. Why these laws are not being applied is beyond me, but maybe our law enforcement and investigative agencies will now finally get to work.

The attack that happened today, and this e-mail sent to the NY Congresswoman are BOTH acts of terrorism. Both of these terroristic acts were carried out by leftists who believe the lying mainstream media and whom seemingly care very little about the will of the American people, just like their leadership and media outlets are telling them to do. These leftists do NOT care that the American people voted for a change from progressive liberalism, they are going to attempt to overthrow the President and they are now seemingly interested in killing conservatives. These people are the traitors to this nation, and a direct danger to our society.