A gunman opened fire at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, wounding multiple people including a Republican Congressman, Steve Scalise (R-LA) along with one of his aids. Multiple Congressmen were on the field practicing for a charity baseball game held annually in Virginia. The Washington D.C. Capitol Police were on scene and assigned as the protection detail for Congressman Scalise, and they responded to the gunman and returned fire. At this point, Congressman Scalise is in stable condition and receiving medical care.

Reports are swirling that the gunmen walked up and asked if the people on the field were “Republicans or Democrats,” and once he found out they were Republicans the gunman opened fire. Early indications seem to point this being a politically motivated shooting, and if so, the mainstream media needs to bear the brunt of the responsibility. The divisive rhetoric of the “resist” movement and all of the radical leftists on American mainstream news has seemingly led to innocent people being assaulted with deadly weapons.

President Trump tweeted this morning:

The Liberals are already on television talking about gun control and gun violence, but what they should be discussing, and denouncing, is their very own behavior ever since losing the 2016 election. These leftists have gone totally mad with rage, and it is starting to turn into violence on innocent people. Leftist groups like Antifa are openly calling for violence, attending events in-mass and assaulting innocent people. Lately, Antifa has been coming to these events armed with AK-47 rifles, knives, bats, sticks and any other type of weapon they can conjure. The political discord is escalating to a boiling point, and it is largely due to leftist propaganda clogging up the truth to the American people.

At this point, the F.B.I. has taken over the investigation and there will be more information to follow.

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    Another Bernie supporter, just like the nut case on the Left coast who stabbed people