In this modern media age that we are living in, it is a wonder why the office of the President of the United States waited so long to utilize social media. Social media gives politicians a resource which allows them to reach out directly to their constituency without being deceptively edited or lied about, not just President Trump. However, the only politician being told to leave social media alone is President Trump…the rest of them are encouraged to use it to defame the President and attempt to smear his reputation all they want with zero repercussions.

The Drudge Report currently has a poll going on its splash-page asking the readers of Drudge if they want President Trump to stop Tweeting, and the results are not looking good for these obstructionists. This happens all-too-often under this President, where the fake/lying mainstream media attempt to discredit President Trump and make it appear like their mindset is that of the entire country. In fact, more than 300,000 people have taken this poll, and more than 75% of poll-takers want President Trump to continue Tweeting.

Poll results as of right now:

Hey leftists, enough with the BULLSHIT narratives already. The people are sick of it!!! We took to the ballot boxes to elect President Donald Trump, and we will be taking to the ballot boxes in 2020 again to re-elect him, whether you are willing to accept that or not. The same people who told us that Donald Trump had a less than 2% chance of being elected and Hillary was 98% guaranteed are now telling us that Trump should stop the Tweets. The reason they are calling for him to stop Tweeting is because he is circumventing them and going straight to the people…and the people LOVE IT!