Ladies and gentlemen, something very strange is going on in the case of Seth Rich’s possible political assassination in Washington D.C. Americans who are not brainwashed by the mainstream media are well-aware that Seth Rich’s murder was not a “botched robbery,” as the authorities are claiming. Nothing was stolen from Rich, even though he had a plethora of pricey items on his person at the time of the so-called robbery. Seth’s own parents came out shortly after the murder occurred, and they themselves have questions about the fact that nothing was stolen from him.

FoxNews is now pursuing the Russia narrative about as badly as the left’s outlets. FoxNews has repeatedly had guests on over the past few days discussing the new Jared Kushner story, and not one of these guests brought up the fact that the DNC hack may have been an insider leak. This supposed conservative news outlet just keeps chasing this fake narrative of Russia hacking the DNC and effecting our elections, even though there is no proof of this. Now we have this Seth Rich story being passed around and millions of Americans are concerned about it, yet not even FoxNews will cover it fairly or even give Seth Rich one minute of their air-time.

A petition was started at the website to get enough signatures for a special investigation to be started in this case.  Even though the Seth Rich story has gone viral on social media, the petition has barely gained 30,000 signatures out of the 100,000 needed to get the government’s attention. Videos published to YouTube over the past week covering the Seth Rich story have gotten millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares, yet for some reason this official petition cannot seem to gain any traction at all? Folks, it is my opinion that something very strange is going on with more than just the petition…

I have said before, and I will continue to say, that I do not have direct evidence that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC. However, this case has way too many oddities to it for it not to be covered in the mainstream media or properly investigated by authorities. Americans are being bamboozled once again, except this time there is a young man’s life which was taken from him and this is a deadly serious situation. Look at Sean Hannity, and what he has gone through over just trying to cover this story. If it was a fake news conspiracy theory, then don’t you think they would want him to cover it and discredit himself (if that was the case)? Instead they shut him up and began pulling his advertisers during his show in an effort to destroy him.

There is evidence coming out that Seth Rich was the person who leaked the DNC e-mails to WikiLeaks, which destroys the narrative being pursued by the establishment and the mainstream media. If it is true that Seth Rich was the leaker, then the US government is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars chasing a Russian myth rather than examining the truth and being done with it all. They could end the Trump-Russia collusion investigation tomorrow if Seth Rich was the WikiLeaker, yet the media won’t even touch Seth Rich’s name much more cover the story honestly to the American people.

Hillary Clinton is saying that she lost the election because the Russians hacked the DNC and showed the American public how much of a criminal that her and her leftist friends are. Even if that was true, which it isn’t, but the American people should be thanking Russia for helping us avoid electing another criminal into the Presidency. I fail to see the logic behind Hillary’s claim that the Russians made her lose. Hillary Clinton is like a spoiled teenager who thinks it is impossible that she can do something wrong. It was the criminal behavior that caused the American people to NOT vote for her, not the fact that the Russians allegedly hacked her server. How much longer are we all going to let this delusion take place here? When are the American people going to stand up and say enough is enough?

The reality of the situation, however, is that it very likely was NOT Russia who hacked the DNC and it was an insider who leaked these emails to WikiLeaks. Why is this angle NOT being pursued as fanatically as the fake Russia narrative? I mean, even if the world of independent investigators is wrong about Seth Rich, why will they not even examine it as a possibility? Why are supposed credible journalists not doing their jobs and alerting the American public to the massive fraud being perpetrated against them?

The American public should be asking themselves many questions about this entire situation. Folks, we cannot allow the establishment to get away with all of this. If they do get away with it, America will never be the same. Hell, we may never be the same as it is because of all the insanity playing out right now…but this Seth Rich case is the defining moment of our time as Americans and we MUST not allow them to cover this up. Going forward, the establishment is going to kill more of us and keep covering it all up because we are letting them get away with this. The term “We the People” will no longer be applicable in America because clearly this country is controlled by a massive criminal conspiracy…not the people.

Wake up America! Demand justice for Seth Rich! Even though he was lefty, he was a patriotic American who loved this country and tried to serve the people by making them aware of the massive amount of corruption in his own chosen party. Seth Rich gave us all a gift by leaking to WikiLeaks, and I would argue that we are not doing enough to show appreciation for this gift. This is our chance, ladies and gentlemen, to take down the criminals controlling our government. Americans have talked for years about the government corruption and wondered what we can do about it…and speaking out loudly about Seth Rich and demanding a proper investigation is what we can do. I fully believe that the Seth Rich case would expose the entire criminal conspiracy.