Austin, Texas, is not known these days for its patriotism given the amount of radical leftist terrorists who occupy the city. Over the past couple of years, Austin has seemingly seen more marches with Antifa and members of the radical left waving communist hammer & sickle flags than it has seen patriotic marches with American flags. Unfortunately this is the case in more than the just the city of Austin too, as many cities have adopted the far-left progressive ideology.

Well, the takeover of Austin by hardcore leftists took a step in the right direction over this past weekend with the 1776 Freedom March” through its streets. Marchers chanted “build that wall” and “whose streets (?)…OUR streets” as they marched through the heart of Austin. They culminated the march at the steps of the Texas capitol building where multiple speakers spoke and the crowd remained high-energy on a hot summer Texas morning. Once they reached the capitol, patriots Joe Biggs and Outlaw Morgan encouraged the marchers to continue the cause towards “FREEEEEDOM!”

Folks, these are the types of marches that Americans whom support this country need to be having all over this country, and it is starting to happen more and more often. The mainstream corporate media is attempting to make Trump supporters feel isolated and as if they are alone in their ways of thinking, but we are the majority…not the minority. Americans of ALL races, creeds and cultures should be coming together to UNITE in an effort to move America forward, and get out from under the thumbs of these tyrannous leftists who are forcing their progressive agenda down our throats.


Outlaw Morgan with a fellow marcher in Austin TX:

Joe Biggs Marches with fellow patriots:

Don’t Tread on Me flag capitol building Austin TX: