President Trump is right yet again, and these NFL players SHOULD be fired immediately and the American population SHOULD boycott the NFL. These players are working for the same anti-America forces which were trying to destroy this country before President Trump was elected, during his campaign and ever since he took office. The NFL has clearly sided AGAINST the American people and WITH these radical leftist loony-tunes.

Any American sticking up for these seditious and radical left football players need to do some actual research. These players are part of the propaganda machine, and while I understand if that is hard to believe for some, it is clearly evident to much of the American population.

This situation we are facing today of sedition being openly committed by politicians, celebrities and now these professional athletes is largely because the U.S. Justice Department has not enforced the law in this country, 18 US Code Chapter 115 to be precise. The FCC has also allowed leftist lies and propaganda to be broadcast over our airwaves. This is not about expressing 1st amendment rights; it is about spreading leftist propaganda around this country on its most popular platforms, such as the NFL.

If you were well-researched, you would know about the “Smith-Mundt Act” and how that long-standing Act was implemented in 1948 to prevent the government from spreading propaganda throughout the US population and over US airwaves. You would also know that Barrack Hussein repealed this longstanding act in 2013 when he signed the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Buried inside of there, was the repeal of a law which prohibited the use of propaganda on the American population. These NFL protests are spreading leftist LIES and propaganda specifically meant to advance a political agenda.

We continue to have leftist politicians who push these same FAKE narratives on the American population, and it is destroying this country. These seditious politicians are encouraging people to play like victims, instead of being strong Americans who take care of themselves and improve their own communities. America was not designed to do your work for you…it was designed to give you the freedom to do the work on your own!!!

If you take the time to notice, NONE of these seditious NFL protesters are doing ANYTHING to improve the so-called racial injustice they are protesting against. Instead they take the route of a propagandist and a traitor and continue to push the same baseless claims on unsuspecting and un-researched portions of the population. Personally, my patience is DONE, and I have ZERO respect for those of you who stand opposed to this country of mine, which I fought for in combat! I take that National Anthem very seriously, and also have the up-most respect for our flag.

Today, there are all sorts of MORONIC leftists talking about “Faux Patriotism” and “Forced Patriotism” on the part of those of us who are boycotting the NFL. Tens of Millions of Americans are loyal to and love this country, which is the definition of a patriot. It is YOU leftists who despise this country who are seemingly jealous of all of us Patriots whom have withstood the myriad of radical left propaganda and brainwashing over the past 2 years. Real Americans want to see their flag and their anthem respected, not pissed on by a bunch of millionaire rich kids who don’t know the FIRST THING about oppression.


1. a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

“Faux Patriotism?” Let’s talk about how these FAUX “protests!” The entire premise of these protests is entirely disproved when you go look at the actual statistics surrounding the issue of which these protests are based. The protests themselves are FAUX, and they are based on FAUX narratives and LIES! There are MANY different studies, which were largely performed by leftist organizations such as Harvard University and the ACLU, that entirely disprove this FAUX narrative and these FAUX protests. These leftist organizations which performed the studies are forced to admit that more white people are killed by police than black people, because that is the TRUTH of this entire matter. There is no argument to that. The studies are publicly available, and here is a link to a Prager University, which shows the ACTUAL statistics:

So now the leftists have decided, as usual, that they are going to double-down on their lies and toss around baseless insults at true American Patriots who can actually see the truth. “Faux Patriotism?” — You leftists have seemingly accepted the brainwashing by this massive psychological operation being played out against the American people. This is America, and you are supposed to be able to think for yourself. I recommend you start doing exactly that, before your authoritarian leftist leaders make it so that you can no longer have ANY free-speech and the ability to access truthful information is a thing of the past.

It seems as though these lefty’s are losing their sanity more and more each and every day. Go look at the ratings for the NFL over the past few weeks, and you will see that the NFL is already reeling from just a few protests on their football fields over recent weeks. Now, you are likely about to see just how large and powerful that the REAL Patriot movement and President Trump’s support base truly is throughout this country. The NFL, among other sports, will continue to decline and the stands of these stadiums will be less full. There is no one to blame here other than leftists pushing these lies, and the racist black-power movement in America, which is entirely funded and supported by the left.

People typically want to watch sports to distract them from the insanity we call “American Politics,” however, now sports are adopting the leftist propaganda and pushing it on the American population. They have been doing this for quite a few years before the most recent events have happened. The commercials are full of anti-America/ pro-Globalism and progressive left propaganda…and it is rather disgusting. Politics have NOTHING to do with sports, and NONE of you sports figures are oppressed in ANY way shape or form.

WE THE PEOPLE are sick of the lies and the propaganda!!! All of us REAL Patriots are taking this country back from these leftist Communist-wannabes and cultural Marxists…and they simply can’t stand it. That is what is REALLY happening here. The left heard President Trump receive loud applause to his comments during his speech last night in Alabama, and now they are flailing around like small children who didn’t get their way. Wah-wah lefty’s…you will reap what you sew.