The United States has prided itself on liberty and justice for all since its inception. A man’s liberty was snatched from him via his murder, and he is getting no justice whatsoever. This Seth Rich story is a bombshell within a bombshell, and the mainstream media is putting forth their best effort to shut this story down and give it no air-time. As much as the establishment would not like to talk about it, the American public is interested in the oddities in this case and we are not letting it get brushed under a rug. With each day that passes, the attention given to this Seth Rich story is forcing more and more oddities into the light, and a proper investigation needs to take place.

Contrary to what mainstream news outlets like the Washington Compost, CNN, and MSNBC (among others) would like the public believe, Seth Rich’s parents are actually supportive of the independent investigations getting to the bottom of what happened here. Below this paragraph is a video published by Seth Rich’s parents last week, which directly contradicts what the mainstream news is claiming about his parents asking people to NOT politicize their son’s murder. His family is NOT asking that the story be ignored; rather they are supportive and thankful of all of us trying to get to the bottom of this.

Beyond this, The Huffington Post published an article over the weekend claiming that Kim DotCom is “not part of any conspiracy theory,” and they go on to show how Kim DotCom predicted in 2015 that Julian Assange would be leaking in regards to Hillary Clinton. This article was on The Huffington Post website for about 12 hours before it was later removed, however it was cached and the article was seen and saved by independent internet investigators. The following is an interview Kim DotCom gave with Bloomberg back in 2015, and is the basis for The Huffington Post article.

The mainstream media has been attempting to discredit Kim DotCom, and even some in the alternative media are not using him as a basis for their articles claiming that he is simply looking for attention and might not actually have information pertaining to Seth Rich. The only way to know for sure that Kim DotCom is being honest and not simply looking for attention would be to call him to testify in front of congress with the evidence he claims to have, yet mysteriously this is not being done. Kim DotCom is claiming that Seth Rich is the WikiLeaks leaker and that he was likely murdered because of it. I fully understand the hesitation to put all of the Seth Rich eggs in the Kim DotCom basket, but if nothing else he should be officially called to testify under oath. If what Kim DotCom is claiming is true, then Russia had NOTHING to do with the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, and this entire lying narrative will be disproved and discredited immediately.

If evidence exists that Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks leaker, and it wasn’t the Russians, why would this NOT be a top priority in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation? Why is Robert Mueller, special counsel carrying out this investigation, NOT subpoenaing Kim DotCom in order to officially obtain this information? Instead of properly investigating, it appears that Washington D.C. officials are attempting to discredit and cover-up Kim DotCom’s story here. If Kim DotCom had evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, you can bet your bottom-dollar that they would be calling him to testify. However, since his testimony discredits the official narrative, he is made fun of and disregarded entirely.

The good news here is that the American public is not letting this story fade to the background. If ever there was a key to the mystery of everything that the DNC is behind, the Seth Rich case is that key. Seth Rich proves that Russia did NOT hack the DNC, he proves that the DNC was involved in a massive election fraud case, he proves that the DNC uses criminal antics in order to achieve their goals, and he proves that the media and our politicians have been lying to us about everything that transpires at the highest level of government in the United States. Of course they don’t want Seth Rich to gain traction, but they do not have a choice in this matter.

America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Americans, however, cannot call themselves free nor brave if Kim DotCom’s testimony is not called for into a committee hearing or a courtroom. Seth Rich’s murder was clearly not a botched robbery, and there is clearly something to the speculation being passed around the internet. The leaders of the Democratic Party are implicated in a murder, and neither side of the aisle is brave enough to legitimately bring the oddities of this case in front of a judge. Think about that for a second…the Republican Party has an opportunity to destroy their political contenders, yet even Republicans are not talking about this story and some of them are adamant about the lying Russian hacking narrative.

I want to be clear that I do not possess clear evidence showing that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC. What I do have is a plethora interesting points and facts regarding Seth Rich’s murder which do not seem to add up to a botched robbery. If nothing else, investigators should be trying to get to the bottom of the botched robbery case, but they are not even doing that. Have you seen a sketch of a suspect in this case? Did the DNC offer a reward for information in this case? Is the DNC trying to get to the bottom of what happened at all? The answer to all of the aforementioned questions is a resounding “NO!”

Investigators are blocked at every turn in this case and there has been no finding by the D.C. police investigators. The mainstream media is covering the story up and attempting to silence well established journalists such as Sean Hannity. The mainstream media is attempting to discredit Kim DotCom and his information that makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, you don’t have to be a seasoned attorney or law professional to see that something is very strange here.

If the Russian hacking and the Trump-Russia collusion investigations are of such importance to the this country, then why are officials involved in those investigations refusing to examine Seth Rich as the leaker with all of this information coming out right now? We the people deserve answers on not only the lying narrative regarding Russia, but with Seth Rich’s case itself. Seth Rich’s family deserves honest answers in regards to their son’s murder, and it is well past the time to provide his family with a thorough and proper investigation.