An organization called “Reporters Committee for Freedom of Press” released a statement today saying the following:

“We condemn the president’s threat of physical violence against journalists. This tweet is beneath the office of the presidency. Sadly, it is not beneath this president. No one should be threatened with physical harm for doing their jobs. Journalists are your neighbors, they’re your friends. Journalists perform a critical function in our society, one the Founding Fathers felt was so necessary that they enshrined it first in the Bill of Rights. They wrote that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy. The press are the people’s window into the halls of power, and most importantly, they are the people’s check on that power. When the president attacks the press, he attacks the people.”

Let’s be real for a moment, can we? If President Trump was just attacking reporters willy-nilly and shutting down the free-speech of these reporters for no reason, maybe we would be able to buy this statement. However, this is not even close to being the reality of this situation we are seeing play-out in front of us. Reporters from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and even FoxNews have been caught in a growing number of falsehoods and straight-up lying media coverage of this President, and he is counter-punching to their unfair and totally biased “news” coverage.

Take the fake narrative that “17 intelligence agencies” have confirmed that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee for example. These “news” agencies have ALL covered this, and all of them have been proven wrong. In fact, only 3 intelligence agencies made this claim, and NONE of them provided solid proof of such an accusation. The Associated Press just retracted articles including the “17 intelligence agencies” narrative, which apparently began when Hillary Clinton made this claim during one of the Presidential debates. Just because you repeat a one-liner by Hillary Clinton, doesn’t make that one-liner true or accurate. In fact, if you are repeating something said by Hillary Clinton, you can almost bank on the fact that the opposite of what you are saying is actually true.

Let’s talk about what came out by what was supposedly “hacked by Russia.” Why are NONE of these lying media outlets discussing the e-mails in the WikiLeaks, which clearly show criminal activity at high levels within the Democratic Party? Why is that NOT being discussed, yet the fact these e-mails were leaked are the premise for all of this Trump-Russia collusion narrative? The media outlets throughout America could gain a whole lot more credibility with their audiences (aka the American people) by covering this story accurately and honestly, instead of purposely omitting the facts that don’t bode well for them.

The larger lie of the entire Russia narrative is one shining example of how dangerous the media’s lies and fake narratives can be. Take the example of James Hodgkinson, who opened fire on Republican Congressmen because they are in the same political party as Trump based on the fake Russia collusion lie. Hodgkinson regularly called President Trump a “traitor” based on these lies, and it motivated him to murder…although luckily he was unsuccessful in his attempt.

The people that the Reporters Committee for Freedom of Press should be scolding are its very own journalists whom it claims to be protecting. As a journalist myself, I don’t like the idea of the American people not believing their chosen media outlet. However, when I consider the amount of propaganda making it onto air with these networks and into print with these publications, I can’t say I blame the American people too much for NOT trusting their chosen media outlet.

Believe it or not, the American people overwhelmingly elected President Donald Trump. One of the reasons we elected him was because he promised to shake-up these establishment politicians and their propaganda media outlets. He was calling CNN “fake news” even during the campaign, and his supporters absolutely loved the fact that he was promising to do this. The American people are not stupid, and they do not desire to fed all of this propaganda nonsense that the mainstream media is pushing on us. The mainstream news has been caught lying and deceiving so much, that they deserve whatever bad comes to them from a President finally standing up to them and calling them out for what they are, which is pure propaganda.