I need to clarify an article I wrote last month when former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed “special-counsel” in the Trump-Russia election investigation. Last month, I almost celebrated the appointment of Mueller for the simple fact that we can finally get to the bottom of this entire Russia lie. Now, however, it has become apparent that Robert Mueller is good buddies with fired FBI Director James Comey, and also has close connections to the Obama administration. There is no likely way that Robert Mueller can perform his duties without political bias, and the man should recuse himself immediately.

This sort of blatantly corrupt behavior by the establishment politicians of America has become far too regular. These crooked politicians and “officials” have conducted themselves so corruptly that the American public has become desensitized to when they do this kind of thing. The meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the Arizona tarmac just days before Comey announced the results of the FBI Investigation into Hillary’s e-mail scandal is a prime example, and this situation with Mueller is very similar.

It appears that Mueller and Comey go way back as best buds, and there is no legitimate way that Mueller can carry out an investigation of “obstruction” when that obstruction involves one of his friends getting fired. There are multiple reasons that Mueller should recuse himself, however the aforementioned reason is the main one.

How can Americans recite the last lines of the pledge of allegiance “with liberty and justice for all,” when we cannot even get our leaders to have any sort of integrity at all? It is as if there are teenage children in charge of this country, and they are answering to the American people as the adults in this situation. They just lie about whatever they did like a teenager would and then their immature friends stick-up for them and back their lies.

Honestly, there should be an investigation into Hillary, Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and many others whom we have solid evidence of wrong-doing before there is ANY investigation into Trump. As it stands today, the only collusion Trump took part in was colluding with the American people to oust the Democratic Party and the establishment from their tyrannous reign over the American people. The American leftists, and the establishment, are both sickened by the fact that Americans made a choice which wasn’t them. They are acting like children once again in their death-throws from their grasp on political power in America, and it needs to stop immediately.