The truth about Syria is that not many of us know the truth about Syria. What we do know is that the Obama administration funded jihadist “rebels” throughout the country in an attempt to overthrow the unelected leader of Syria, Bashir Al Assad. The United States, in all of its wisdom, chose to fund these so-called “rebels” rather than pulling out of Syria altogether, which should raise the alarm to anyone who pays attention to foreign policy in the United States.

What are the strategic interests in Syria? I would argue that there are none other than seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict in that nation. A conflict which was largely supported and started by the United States I might add.

Now we are shooting down Syrian Air Force planes that come too close to our troops, and actions such as this could likely start a proxy-war between the United States and Syria. Granted, given that Assad dropped gas-laced bombs on his own people, if I was a military commander on the ground in Syria I would not let a Syrian plane come anywhere my troops in the field. Nevertheless, the fact that the United States just shot down an aircraft of a Russian ally, tensions are rising and the likelihood of an attack on US-backed forces in that country are even greater now. Who are these US backed forces anyway? A clear and concise answer is hard to come by…

A massive war in Syria involving the US and Russia would destroy Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020, and Trump should highly consider pulling out of that country altogether. The establishment politicians are all-for a war in Syria, which should make President Trump hesitant to do so at the very least. In my humble opinion, it would behoove the US to pull all of our assets out of that country and let the Russian-bear rip the rebels to shreds and conquer ISIS terrorists in Syria once and for all. The only thing holding the Russians back are American politicians backing these “rebels.”