Today the Adjutant General, Jeff Sessions, smacked down ridiculous loaded questions by leftists on the Senate Intelligence committee during a hearing in Washington D.C. Sessions called the lies regarding Trump-Russia collusion a “detestable lie,” and most Americans absolutely agree. There was a clear difference in the straight-forward answers by AG Sessions compared to the shady and indirect answers given to this same committee by former FBI Director James Comey last week. Americans should find this refreshing and encouraging that one of our high-level representatives can stand up and say what needed to be said.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), seemed to have loaded questions prepared for this hearing, and quite frankly he and other members of this committee should consider recusing themselves given that they clearly already have their minds made up. Questions by Warner, and others, alluded to guilt on the part of not only Sessions, but a plethora of names they rattled off involved in the Donald Trump 2016 election campaign. Jeff Sessions did the morally right thing by recusing himself from the Russia investigation, and it would behoove these leftist committee members who already have their minds up to do the same.

I hereby charge that multiple members of the Senate Intelligence Committee already have their minds up that Trump in fact did collude with the Russians, even though there isn’t an ounce of evidence proving this. These leftist Senators arrive at these committee hearings with pre-planned questions meant to allude to certain things, even though they have been tirelessly debunked in the American public.

Speaking of the public debunking topics, it is a shame that the American public cannot simply turn on the national news channel of their choice and get the truth anymore. I think most Americans have been aware of the FoxNews and CNN biases over the past few decades; however, it has gotten to be so bad that when they cover the same exact story there are 2 different narratives being put out to the American people. No one knows who or what to believe anymore, and this is in large part because of the leftist media telling such ridiculous lies to the American people.

The bottom line is that there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. There is no evidence that President Trump obstructed justice. In the words of the President himself, there is no there-there. Yet we continue to have these bogus hearings where committee members attempt to entrap those testifying with known lies and false narratives. The only Americans who believe the Russia lies are those who watch CNN and MSNBC, because that is ALL that these lying propaganda outlets talk about. This is disgusting what we are seeing, and we need to stop wasting government resources and tax dollars on this totally unjustified witch-hunt.

The Democrats need to either get over their total and utter defeat in the 2016 election, or they need to be charged with treason, sedition, and subversion under 18 US Code Chapter 115. The left is attempting to overthrow a democratically elected President, and they are clearly subverting the will of the American people. The American people made their decision already when they took to the voting booths in late 2016, and they did not choose more of the same progressive policies which are destroying this country. Get over it Democrats, and get out of the way of the Trump train.