Something very strange is happening with this Seth Rich story, and we should all be concerned. To begin with, the police were supposedly told to “stand-down” in regards to this investigation, and they are not sharing information with the private investigator (a former detective himself) hired by the family. The family has now come out and asked that America “stop politicizing their son’s murder,” however I would argue that it isn’t being politicized. The American people want…and deserve…to know the truth in this case.

For those who don’t know, Seth Rich was an IT-guy for the Democratic National Committee who was murdered in his D.C. neighborhood around 4 a.m., which was initially reported as a botched robbery. During this so-called robbery there was nothing taken from Set Rich, which led independent internet investigators to speculate over the cause of death at the time. Then, Julian Assange came out in strong support of Seth Rich, and even offered a hefty reward for information leading to the killers. Then, an investigator hired by the family named Rod Wheeler came out and said that he was stonewalled in his private parallel investigation.

Fast-forward to today, and an internet entrepreneur and hacker named “Kim DotCom” has come forward with information that Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks leaker, and likely was gunned down by associates of the DNC. Sean Hannity was going to do a report on this story last night, however yesterday Seth Rich’s family conveniently asked that he not do the piece on this topic. Something very strange is going on here, and it seems that only alternative media outlets like OBC Media and the Gateway Pundit are willing to report on it.

The Gateway Pundit has actually submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for information regarding the case, and they seem intent on getting to the bottom of this. While we here at OBC Media don’t have the resources to chase down the story in this way, we are definitely willing and able to at least report on the oddities of the case and draw our own conclusions from the information which is available.

One thing we know for sure, something is not adding up here. This story is clearly being kept out of the mainstream news, with Hannity being told to stand-down on it. The private investigator was told to stand-down on his investigation. No one seems to be able to get to the bottom of what happened here, which is typical of an organized crime cover-up. Back in the day, when the police would go into an Italian neighborhood looking for a mobster thug, they would be blocked and stonewalled at every turn. The same thing is happening here, except it is likely American political leaders and our elected representatives behind the obvious criminal act which has taken place.

This story is a bombshell. I hear a lot of media outlets call stories “bombshells” when they are nothing more than conjecture and hearsay…but this Seth Rich topic is a literal BOMBSHELL to the DNC. Their entire Russia narrative goes out the window, the DNC gets implicated in a murder, and people are going to end up going to prison over this one. America wants to get to the bottom of this Russian narrative, whether it is true or not, we deserve to stop wasting taxpayer resources on lies. This story PROVES that the entire narrative is false given that Seth Rich, a DNC insider, was the one who leaked the information and NOT the Russians.

Now, I am not saying that I know the truth about Seth Rich. I am simply pointing out that the publicly available information is cause for alarm, and suspicion. A new report released this morning shows Donna Brazile, a high ranking Democrat, as having called the police to find out what private investigator Rod Wheeler was inquiring them about. This in itself is suspicious, not to mention the other 5-10 facts in this case which are cause for concern. Let’s break down what we know…

  • Police were told to stand-down, no result from their “investigation”
  • Private Investigator Rod Wheeler was told to stand-down
  • Donna Brazile contacted police to find out what Rod Wheeler was inquiring about
  • Julian Assange offered a reward for information in this case
  • Julian Assange alluded to Seth Rich being his source for the WikiLeaks
  • KimDotCom has publicly stated that he knows Seth Rich was the leaker
  • Sean Hannity was literally forced to NOT cover the story on FoxNews
  • There is a mainstream media blackout on this topic

I mean, how many more suspicious activities and events need to happen before the American public demand answers? With all-due respect to Seth Rich’s family, this is not being politicized. The answer to the fake Russian narrative and lies coupled with the criminal behavior of our so-called “officials,” makes this a criminal issue for the American people…not a political one. Surely it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican when it comes to getting to the bottom of a massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people. Seth Rich knew about this fraud, he leaked it to the American people so that we can make our own decisions, and then he was seemingly murdered for informing all of us. Until this is disproved, the American people have every right to demand honest answers in regards to this case.