Over the past 2 nights, we have seen what seem to me to be bogus stories coming out about President Trump in an effort to discredit him, and shake up his base of supporters. It seems to be working. Anonymous sources do not equal the full truth, and it is time that Trump dispels the rumors ferociously. As we can all imagine, the President of the United States is a very busy person, but he is going to find it very hard to accomplish anything with all of the fake news dangling over his head.

Since the internet and mainstream news is full of speculation, I figure I will join in on the fun and give my own. Could it possibly be that President Trump has the right people in the right places, and has begun firing those wrong people in the wrong places, that the left has begun its assault? I believe that is closer to the truth than what the mainstream media is dishing out to its audiences. The left knows that Trump is now in a position to go after not only the seditious criminals within our government, but the subversive and traitorous mainstream media as well. Because of this, they are attacking him with everything they can find, even if it is unsubstantiated.

What we are witnessing right now is unprecedented in American history. No President has ever experienced such a ferocious assault against them by the media or the left. I just want to be clear about the news stories from the past 2 nights, so that I can try to convey to this small audience what we know and what we don’t know.

The Comey memo: This memo has not even been seen, it was read over the phone to a NY Times reporter and then reported on as if it is fact. The public does not yet know the context which was behind the quotes by President Trump, nor is there any evidence of a crime being committed. The left is claiming that President Trump “obstructed justice,” which if true is definitely an impeachable offense. However, it is important to remember that former FBI Director James Comey, and acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, both testified in front of committees that “the investigation into Russia has NOT been obstructed by the Trump administration.” McCabe made this statement no more than a week ago. So then how is a statement from February 14th just now coming to the forefront as evidence of obstruction? I have no doubt that a full investigation will be completed, and someone will be charged with slander-like charges against the President.

The Russian Intelligence Leak: Vladimir Putin, who after Syria has been no friend of the Trump administration, came out and said this morning that this story is “schizophrenia” by the media in America. Now, as a former KGB agent…I typically do not trust Putin’s comments…however I agree with him here. This is yet another attempt to tie Trump to Russian collusion, and it is already being debunked as totally false.

Mr. President, if I could only have one conversation with you I would state the following. Please clean out your staff and start holding these seditious criminals accountable for their actions. This has gone entirely too far, and if all that you do is deny the allegations then the allegations will simply continue. Let the left have their investigations into Russia, as you have been doing. But…the American people want to see investigations into the collusion between the media and the Democratic Party. We want to see investigations into the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, John Podesta, Seth Rich, Loretta Lynch, Barrack Hussein, and many other topics and people which show clear violations of the law and treason against this country. Mr. President, it is time to put these people where they belong…in prison.