President Donald Trump is Making America Great Again one day at a time, and this week there is much to celebrate for Trump supporters. While the mainstream media is all over the airwaves trying to convince America and supporters of President Trump that they are losing, in reality the nasty Dems are losing and Trump’s agenda is moving forward. This should be a testament to the tenacity and skill of President Trump, given that the entire power-structure in America has been against him since the day he announced he was running for President.

Here is a list of recent WINS by the Trump administration:

  • Trump’s travel restrictions from predominantly Muslim nations has passed the Supreme Court with a temporary injunction allowing the restrictions and an overall ruling expected in the early fall later this year.
  • Bernie Sanders is under investigation (Sanders did this to himself, but should be celebrated nonetheless)
  • Hillary Clinton’s “foundation” is AGAIN under investigation
  • Loretta Lynch is under investigation
  • DNC is being accused in civil-court of fraud

Folks, if these criminals are finally held accountable for their actions, then their minions and propaganda spewing libtards on the street will lose ALL of their credibility, and hopefully they will go away in no-time at all. Somewhere along the line, these criminals at the top began encouraging violent resistance against the will of the American people, and they are beginning to pay the price for that action. If the Democrats would have hung-back and allowed the 2020 election to come without a bunch of drama, they likely would have still been a competitor. As it stands, however, the Democrats will be lucky to make it out of 2017 as an actual official political party in America. These are BIG LEAGUE wins for Trump, and BIG LEAGUE wins for America! #MAGA